Binti – Health

Binti – Health

Project Description
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  • April 8, 2022

We acknowledge the importance of quality health in realization of total wellness, happiness and achieving full productivity in all spheres of life. Girls/ Women with disabilities experience multiple barriers to highest attainable standards of health. Disparities and inequalities in healthcare delivery, cultural stereotypes, accessibility barriers, attitudinal barriers, and historical discrimination have led to poor health seeking behavior and poor health outcomes amongst girls/women with disabilities. Our initiatives are designed to address this gap through:

  • Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) Education and Awareness

At Bintisphere, we fill in the information gaps on the intersections of disability, gender, culture and health that lead to poor sexual reproductive health outcomes and perpetuate violation of these fundamental SRHR. There exist cases of maternal deaths, unconsented hysterectomy and forced sterilization amongst girls/women with disabilities associated with information gaps. In most instances SRHR of Women/Girls with disabilities is based on myths, misconceptions, disinformation and misinformation which we address through generating knowledge and disseminating correct information to our constituents. We curate SRHR content, conduct training & sensitization and build disability specific SRHR knowledge body that we use to advocate for equitable SRHR amongst girls/women with disabilities.

  • Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention

Girls/Women with disabilities are more vulnerable to Gender Based Violence and experience various forms of violence yet the support system is not adequately prepared to address their unique challenges. We conduct Gender based Violence training and sensitizations for girls/women with disabilities in collaboration with GBV Prevention Units, police, legal experts, community leaders , civil actors and other key stakeholders to ensure multi-sectoral approach in GBV prevention.

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