Project Description
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  • April 8, 2022

Leadership and Governance are critical in ensuring inclusive, fairer and healthier societies where all cadres of society thrive. Limited participation of girls/women with disabilities in leadership and governance spaces contribute to their invisibility in the governance spaces. To enhance the capacity of girls/ women with disabilities in leadership and Governance we undertake:

  • Peer Mentorship

We undertake peer mentorship to our girls of different ages to foster transfer learning and sharing of knowledge and build their self-esteem and confidence as a prerequisite to full participation in leadership in various spheres of life in line with their personal aspirations.

  • Professional Mentorship

Girls with disabilities provide a mix of skills, knowledge and talents which we nurture and develop. We recognize the role of professional mentors in coaching, building the confidence, interpersonal skills, self-awareness and overall leadership and skills development. We seek to connect our girls to professional mentors to guide them in their leadership and career path.

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