Binti -Sports

Binti -Sports

Project Description
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  • April 8, 2022

Our regular sports activities provides our girls/young women with disabilities the necessary life skills such as listening and learning abilities, building confidence, nurturing talents and most importantly promoting social inclusion. Through sports we create a “safe space” for girls with disabilities to have difficult conversations on gender based violence and build self-esteem of girls/women with disabilities to realize their full potential. The safe space provide a channel of delivery of critical sensitization, awareness and knowledge generation on pertinent issues such as sexual reproductive health, linkages and connection for economic opportunities as well as a forum for networking & mentorship.

  • Water Sports

We engage our girls/young women with disabilities in weekly para- swimming and para-rowing sessions to nurture their talents and provide them with opportunities to participate in various sports tournaments in collaboration with sports federations and associations.

  • Wellness and Fitness

We conduct fitness and wellness sessions for our “Bintis” to improve their health outcomes and adequately prepare them for para-sports. We acknowledge the unlimited barriers that girls/women experience in accessing wellness and fitness facilities and the negative impact that this has in their health outcomes and full participation in development. We fill this gap through our wellness and fitness sessions with our partners.

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